How To Throw A Fun Fyffes Banana Split Party

Mon, 27 Aug 2018
Kids Cook Club Fyffes Banana Split Party

How to throw a fun Fyffes Banana Split Party!

This is a super fun banana split party that kids will love, parents will love it too because your party food also doubles as the activity.

Your kids will have fun creating their own banana splits!

All you need to do is lay out a table with a selection of toppings in bowls, then each kid can go bananas topping off their bananas with any toppings they choose. This is also great for fussy eaters as they can control what goes onto their banana split.

Here’s what you need to do…

Keep it simple

You don’t need to spend a fortune to throw a great party. Spending money on decorations that will only be torn down and thrown away at the end of the day just isn’t worth it. Pay a visit to your nearest Tiger, Sostrene Grene, Dealz, Mr Price or equivalent. They’ve got a great range of party decorations that will look just as great as bunting from a more expensive store.

Having a party at home is fun and also cost effective. We think a good time to have your party is around 1 pm and for only two hours, this avoids any meltdowns and gives the kids plenty of time to enjoy themselves, but not so long that they become tired and cranky.


Send out invitations 2 weeks before the party and make sure to include your contact details for R.S.V.Ps so you know how many kids you’ll be catering for.

There are a lot of options for invitations and you can find some fun templates online for free, so you just need to print them out, or if you’re looking for another activity to keep your kids busy, you could make them together. We suggest looking for something with bananas to suit the theme of the party!


This is the best part!

You’ll need to have enough bananas for every child at the party, and a few extra just in case. Older kids will have 1 banana each (split in half lengthways) and smaller children will only need half a banana each (one of the halves after cutting the banana in half lengthways.)

We think a mix of healthier options with a few sweeter treats works well for toppings.

Instead of ice-cream, have a selection of fruit flavoured yoghurts.

For fruity toppings, use small cookie cutters to cut shapes out of fruit slices. Pineapple works really well for this and is really tasty with the banana! Mixed berries are also tasty and look great.

Other great toppings are granola, shredded coconut, mixed nuts (if there are no nut allergies), dark chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and glacé cherries.

And finally, what’s a banana split without some sprinkles? Get one each of some colourful sprinkles and chocolate sprinkles.

To finish off their banana splits, a few non-edible decorations are fun too. Have a look for mini paper umbrellas or cocktail sticks with fun colours on the end. The party supplies aisle will have this.


As we mentioned, you really don’t have to spend a lot to get the party looking like a party.

There will be food spills, so either cover your table with a disposable table covering, or use something that you can wipe down.

Hang bright yellow paper pompons or bunting. You could also bunch together some balloons and hang them too. Don’t forget to put something outside the house so that your guests know exactly which house they’re looking for! We got all of our supplies from they have a great selection.

The food will be the main attraction, so lay everything out on your table and make sure there are plenty of spoons to scoop toppings.

Also have paper plates, spoons, cups and napkins, all in yellow if you like!

The Main Event

While all the kids are arriving, have them play in another room or outside. About 5 minutes before their banana split party fun begins, get the bananas peeled and cut in half lengthways. Then when you’re ready, bring them in to the table, hand out the split bananas on paper plates and let them go wild! You may need to help younger kids load their bananas with tasty toppings, but otherwise, just let them have fun with their foodie creations.

We would love to see your child’s creations and to feature them on our channels make sure to tag us to be featured.

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