5 Store Cupboard Superfoods

Thu, 22 Oct 2015
Yeah, our store cupboard doesn't look like this either... it's good to aspire to something though... isnt it?!

It’s easy to feel inspired at a health shop. The superfoods are literally jumping off the shelves, screaming EAT ME, EAT ME. What you may not realise, is that your store cupboard at home is actually full of superfoods that will make your family healthy. Here’s the hitlist:

Tinned Tomatoes

Filled with vitamin C and antioxidents, tinned tomatoes are hugely beneficial for the whole family. Even better, the nutrients from tomatoes are more easily absorbed when cooked! To make a simple pasta sauce, fry a clove of garlic in a little olive oil before pouring in a tin of tomatoes. Simmer for ten minutes over a low heat, finish with a drop of Balsamic vinegar and, DONE!

Tinned Sardines

Sardines are ultimate brain food, rich in omega 3 and calcium. Heat and eat over some lightly toasted sourdough for lunch in minutes.

Chinese Greens

Rich in iron and antioxidents, stir fry your greens in a little garlic and finish with some soy sauce and sesame oil for a superfood stir fry.

Dark Chocolate

Good for heart health and maintaining healthy blood pressure, dark chocolate actually helps to regulate cravings for sweets too. Bonus!

Natural Yoghurt

Great for indigestion, and a concentrated form of calcium, natural yoghurt is a high protein treat. Try marinating chicken in yoghurt before cooking for ultra tender meat.

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