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Welcome to www.KidsCookClub.com, the online resource, where children between 4-13 years can learn how to cook from scratch and include healthy foods in their daily eating plans.

Kids love cooking! It’s fun and teaches them important life skills that provide important practical and healthy benefits.

Teaching your child to cook instils long lasting and cherished memories and provides a great foundation so they will cook healthier meals as they mature into adults. And it can be great fun!

The kitchen is where children are naturally drawn to because it’s the hive of activity in the home – a place where grown ups work to create meals, snacks and delicious treats. We know it may not always be convenient to have younger children to help out but at www.KidsCookClub.com we will show you how to involve them.

www.KidsCookClub.com will show you how to teach your kids to cook simple recipes, how to grow their own fruit and vegetables as well as fun and exciting crafts.

We will provides lots of interesting news, clever tricks and tips, articles, tips and ‘how to videos’ to help you encourage your child in cooking and provide delicious easy to prepare recipes at an early age.

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Cooking with Kids


  • Children love attention and showing them how to cook is a great way to bond with your children.
  • Cooking skills learned at an early age lay the groundwork for healthy eating habits later on in life.
  • It prepares them to be able to fend and cook for themselves at an earlier age.
  • Cooking with kids helps to educate them as to the various types of food to include in their diet as well as the nutritional benefits.
  • Preparing meals together results in sitting down to more family meals together which, in itself, has many positive benefits.


Start Early

Young children can be given empty pots, wooden spoons and safe play dough to start with so they can pretend to cook with you. Let them help you with simple cookery tasks such as measuring ingredients, placing them into bowls; stirring a pot; cracking eggs or even dressing up a table.

Tidy Kitchen

Start with a clean and tidy kitchen and clean as you go along. Be patient and do expect a mess.

Pick the correct time

Never involve children when you are in a rush to prepare the family meal. Instead set aside a free time such as a weekend morning when the child is more relaxed.


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